Spilt Sunny D


Introducing our deliciously stylized stained glass panel of Sunny D! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with this blast from the past in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.

Remember the days when your biggest worry was whether you had enough quarters for the arcade or if your Tamagotchi would survive the day? Well, now you can relive those rad times every time you glance at this Sunny D-inspired panel.

This piece is a bona fide ode to the '90s, where neon was king, and funky geometric patterns ruled the day. It's like the '90s threw a party in your window, and Sunny D is the guest of honor.

Hang it in your kitchen, and you'll feel like you're hosting your very own '90s brunch party every morning. Place it in your living room, and it'll be a conversation starter for guests who can't help but reminisce about the glory days of Saturday morning cartoons and rollerblading down the block.

Approx. 7.75" x 10" not including chain